5 Simple Health Benefits Of Makhana

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When we think of snacks, we often think of food that can make us unfit or seem unhealthy in larger quantities. But a wonder like Makhana is packed with nutrition and health benefits. A more recent trend, the roasted Makhana, is fast becoming a go-to choice for smart snackers.

What is Makhana?

Also called Fox Nuts, or Lotus Seeds -- they are a popular snack and fasting-food choice in India. They are also widely used in sweets and savory dishes in the Northern parts of India. Roasted makhana is thus becoming a go-snack for fitness lovers and weight-watchers.

Makaha occurs in large volumes in the state of Bihar in India. They come from a plant called Euryale Ferox”, found in stagnant water bodies. In India, they are also called “Phool Makhana”.

5 Healthy Reason Why You Should Try Makhana

Here are some of the most apparent benefits of makhana that will make you want to pick up a packet today:

For A Better Heart

Taking care of your ticker is a conscious choice we must all make. The best way to do this is to incorporate particular food into our daily diet to balance heart disease risks. 

Makhana is one of the best options for this. They have low amounts of sodium and very high levels of potassium. This controlled intake of potassium helps to reduce blood pressure and prevent the onset of hypertension. 

Comparing other snacks --roasted makhana and its low sodium level make it a perfect match for those with pre-existing heart conditions. Makhana also has magnesium in small doses. These help to enhance the quality of blood in your body.

Better For The Skin

Simply applying products to your skin is not good enough to help keep it young and fresh. Your diet plays just as important a role in this process. If you are looking to keep your skin fresh as a flower, a small quantity of Makhana in your diet helps a long way.

These smart snacks are helpful to battle free radicals. This quality makes it a perfect anti-ageing agent. Since they also purify your blood, it keeps your skin fresh and free of toxins. Makhana can also help resort the RBCs in your spleen that help rejuvenate blood.

Fix That Sugar Spike

A simple way to manage your sugar is to control carbs and protein intake to only healthy options. For this, Fox Nuts are an excellent option. Even if you snack on roasted fox nuts, they are low on the glycemic index and help to control blood sugar levels.

Additionally, this superfood’s low sodium and high magnesium levels can help you battle diabetes and obesity.

Better Gut Health 

You can do it all right and still restrict your body from getting the vital nutrition you need if there is improper digestion. However, fox nuts can go a long way in making your digestion much better. For the most straightforward reasons, they are rich in fiber which helps to flush your system and promote better gut health.

Studies have shown that those who consume Makhana as a regular snack have shown lesser susceptibility to indigestion and constipation.

Also, the presence of antioxidants in Makhana can go a long way in providing better digestion and respiratory systems.

Better Mental Cognition 

Who would have thought that your dietary choices can result in better mental health? Well, this is true since Fox Nuts are rich in thiamine. Thiamine is a substance that helps turn food into energy and in turn provide better nervous system health.

This means the consumption of Makhana can actually help to stimulate your nervous system and keep your cognitive functions in check. Very interestingly, Makhana also leads to the production of acetylcholine. This is the chemical needed for enhanced neurotransmission.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for better snack options for your daily cravings or just a snack with your evening chai -- then Fox Nuts will add substantial value to your life. Do not flood your body with sugary biscuits and fat-filled snacks.

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Makhana is hands-down one of the best choices for a daily binge.

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