Eating Makhana During Pregnancy: Here is All You Need To Know

Nutrition and food intake are some of the most painstaking efforts during a pregnancy. Having a few handfuls of go-to options can make life easier in these nine months. The role of makhana during pregnancy is becoming popular in recent times. This rage is simply due to their balanced nutrition qualities. 
Apart from nutrition, pregnancy food should also be easy to consume, neutral on favors, low on spices, and packed with minerals. One must note that we do not recommend makhana as a replacement for a healthy cooked meal. However, they are an excellent snack when the cravings hit.

5 Ways In Which Makhana During Pregnancy Helps

Here are some reasons why makhana is ideal for women during pregnancy. 

Controls Blood Sugar

Doctors around the world recommend that women pay special attention to their sugar intake during pregnancy. This is because the body loses some of its abilities to maintain and control the fluctuation of sugar. 
However, roasted makhana is very low on the glycemic index -- which means they do not cause any unusual sugar spikes in the blood. They also contain vitamin B-complexes which remain essential during the time of pregnancy.

Boosts Immunity

Since they contain a lot of vital minerals and adequate vitamins, this helps to keep your body nourished. They also hold a very high amount of antioxidants that keep your body fitter and boosts immunity. 

During this time, it’s common for women to feel tired and weak, and makhana during pregnancy helps keep them in check. 

Better Development

Proteins intake is one of the essential factors to consider during pregnancy. Adequate amounts of protein are needed for the development of the fetus and its brain. The same is also needed to keep the mother healthy. 

Lotus seeds are rich in proteins, fibers, and vitamins that help in the absorption of these proteins. They help the baby in the womb and the mother alike.

Better Sleep

Pregnancy strain often makes it harder for women to fall asleep. This could be a combination of discomfort or the lack of continued sleep. To assist with this, makhana during pregnancy acts as an excellent tool. 

These roasted snacks contain sedative properties that provide a better night’s sleep. They fight the changing hormones in the body that could affect your sleep. They also do not cause any spikes in blood sugar -- which makes it easier to fall asleep. 

We should also consider that roasted makhana is rich in iron, zinc, and potassium. This helps to stimulate your body’s energy levels. 

Helps In Digestion 

The high levels of fiber in these evening snacks are what make makhana a perfect fix for digestion. During pregnancy, women often eat more food to compensate for the growth of the baby. In such a case, they must also ensure better gut and stomach health. 

The fiber and vitamin content in these seeds helps to keep your digestion in check. They stimulate bowel movement and also help create a controlled eating habit. 

Some women also complain of diarrhea at this stage. This is mainly because of the hormonal changes in the body and a common discomfort for most women. Having superfoods like Makhana can negate or reduce this problem.

Final Thoughts 

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