Going on a Hike? Carry these 4 handy and healthy snacks.

Hiking or trekking -- getting your hands on some snacks helps you on the path. They provide fuel for your body and keep your glucose levels in check. But what healthy snack does one carry when on a hike?

How To Pick The Right Snack

When you pick a snack for your trail, ensure they are easy to carry. Do not take a large box of packed lunches loaded with carbs that can reduce your energy levels. When on a hike, you must eat before and after. The time on the trail is limited to healthy snacking.

Keep these snacks to a small serving and use them across the day. Please keep them in your backpack in an accessible place in a bag or packet. Carry sufficient water or juices on your trip. You will also need to plan your snacks based on the trail's length, number of people, and nutrition requirements.

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Best Snacks To Carry On A Hike

Roasted Makhana

A few foods in this category fit in as Makhana does. These are light snacks that are packed with nutrition. Hike-food aims to give you energy and fall into the health foods category.  

A small packet of Roasted Makhana can give you a vital boost of energy without making you feel stuffed. A cup of roasted Makhana has close to 216 calories. They are also rich in fibers and healthy carbs that keep you feeling full. 

Since roasted makhana is low on sodium and high on potassium -- this keeps you from dehydrating or reaching for the water bottle too often. If you were to buy roasted makhana online from a brand like Nutty Fox, also comes in exciting flavors that add to its taste quotient. 

Lastly, These roasted snacks are light to carry, and convenient for a hike. They are substances that control blood sugar spikes and are very easy to digest. Their rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characters are just a bonus.

Assorted Nuts

Nuts, or an assortment of them, on a hike are also referred to as trail-mix. You would rather buy a few nuts of your choice and mix them in a separate zip-lock packet. Carry this in your backpack and keep them handy.

Gab a handful of them each time you take a stop to help refuel your body. The ideal combination is nuts and dry fruits like Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Cashews, and a few more of your choice. Most of these evening snacks are calorie-dense -- which means a few are enough to give you the energy.

Having almonds is a great saving grace. Just a small serving has 3.5g of fiber and 6g of protein. They are the perfect munch when feeling fatigued or take a mid-trail break.

Fresh Cut Fruits

If you are not a fan of the pack and carry food, the best option is a variation of fruits. These are natural and thus provide whole nutrition when fresh. Fruits also help to rehydrate the body and provide a healthy glucose rush to keep going. 

Fruits like bananas and apples are a perfect source of energy. They also constrain Vitamin C and B, which give the body a boost. Other options are oranges, black grapes, kiwi, avocados, or berries. 

They are not a very popular choice since they are harder to carry and manage on a trail. They also need a much higher level of preparation. On hot days; these healthy snacks can also turn dry or lifeless.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

While these might seem like snacks you make to amuse children, they are highly effective when on the trail. A single sandwich can provide you with 320 kcal; which will help to revitalize your body and keep going. 

Peanut butter (and other nut butter) are a healthy source of protein and vitamins. While the jam does contain added sugar; they are excellent when out in the open. This sandwich also supplies the body with iron, zinc, and calcium.

Final Thoughts 

While all of these foods are great options, here is one last pro-tip. Hydration. Keep in mind that your body needs these roasted snacks to fuel the craving, but you will keep a check on your water intake. Keep a bottle and sip water every few minutes (not just when you are thirsty) 

You will also need to plan your purchase ahead of time. So you can check out the range of snacks from Nutty Fox and buy makhana online today.  

Satisfy your healthy snack cravings and buy Makhana online from our store. Choose from 4 exciting flavors:

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