What Is Makhana? Where Does it Come From?

Makhana is also called Fox Nuts, Euryale Ferox, Lotus seeds, Phool makhana, or gorgon nuts. They are crunchy when roasted and flavored with natural ingredients to make a healthy snack, a meal, or chai-time munching.

The BackStory of Fox Nuts

This superfood is primarily available in East Asia and very prominent in India, China, Japan, and some parts of Russia. They were first discovered to be edible for their nutritious starchy texture and later became a common indigent in Indian kitchens.

The climatic conditions, nutrition in the water, and the geophysical parameters make the state of Bihar in India a significant cultivator of Makaha. From here they are shipped to roasted makhana sellers around the country and the world. More than sixty percent of the country's Makhana comes from Bihar and this seed is a top-quality superfood.

They are later used in their raw form to make dishes or sent to roasting and packaging units to make healthy roasted snacks.

You can notice many users who buy makhana online during the time of Navratri or other auspicious occasions. This healthy snack is popular in the Indian belt as a “fasting food”, and its high-nutrition qualities made it an instant hit in India.

How Is Makhana Processed?

While you can merely buy roasted makhana online, there are many steps behind the scenes that lead to your final product.

We can break them down into the following four steps:

STEP1: Picking or Collection

The harvesting of foxnuts is a fascinating process that needs the experience and patience of a farmer. It takes close to five to six hours to collect the seeds from the ponds and riversides. The farmers are required to dive into the waters and reach the bottom.


They must manually pick them by hand to ensure the use of machines or tools does not damage them. They collect the seeds on the base of a bamboo pole which is later drawn out from the surface to retrieve the Makhana.

STEP2: Cleaning

One might assume that cleaning these seeds will need some complicated machines. However, this process occurs traditionally to preserve the integrity of the seeds. They are placed in concave containers called ganja. These are dipped in the same water to remove any dirt on the surface.

They are then placed in a tight container and rolled to make the surface smooth and give it its distinct shine. The raw makhana is then spread on a mat in the sun and allowed to dry for a few hours.

STEP3: Sorting or Grading

Since all the seeds may be in different sizes, this will make it hard to fry or create roasted makhana later. For this reason, they pass through a series of sieving devices. This process is repeated many times to achieve the best results.

STEP4: Frying

If you notice the seeds at this stage, they will have a black or coffee-color exterior. This seed will look nothing like the makhana online. They undergo shallow frying to bring out the distinct white color and keep them fresh. The makhana is then closed in air-tight containers and kept at a controlled temperature.

From here, the makhana is ready to hit the processing and packing plants.

Reaching You

These ready-to-use seeds either reach flavoring plants to create products like Nutty Fox, Gourmet Roasted & Flavoured Makhana; or sold raw for cooking.

These are an excellent choice for all fitness enthusiasts and those looking for a healthy alternative to snacking. They are rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants and work as a perfect snack for any time of the day.

Fun fact, they are also known to be an anti-hangover snack!

You must buy makhana online today to test this for yourself.


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