The Ideal Evening Snack - Makhana Cutlet Recipe

We have often heard the words “guilt-free-snacking.” This means that snacks should not be looked at as a reason of concern to fitness enthusiasts. it's not just the choice of snack - consuming them in the right proportions makes a world of difference!

In the right portions, snacking can substantially help you feel fuller during the day or the evening hours. You can get the best of both worlds when you indulge in healthy foods like this makhana cutlet recipe.

Why Use Makhana? 

This recipe is the ideal way to retain the lovely flavors of an Allu Tikki and add a healthy twist to it. For starters, roasted makhana is a reasonably neutral ingredient, which means it does not overpower the potato and spices’ taste. 

This raw makhana also helps improve the health benefits of an otherwise ordinary dish. Adding just a cup of fox nuts can enhance the levels of protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and healthy fibers. They also provide your Tikki with a peculiar crunch. 
Makhana is also loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a perfect snack for kids and adults. Makhana for weight loss is also becoming the go-to choice of weight-watchers.

The Perfect Makhana Cutlet Recipe

Here is all you need to know about the makhana cutlet recipe, also called the Makhana Allu tikki recipe: 


  • Potato: 4 medium sizes, boiled and mashed
  • Raw Makhana (Lotus Seeds): 1 cup 
  • Green Chilli: 2, finely chopped 
  • Fennel Seeds: 1 tsp
  • Fresh Coriander: 1 small bunch 
  • Chaat Masala: 1tsp 
  • Gramam Masala: ½ tsp 
  • Red chili powder: ½ teaspoon 
  • Salt: to taste 
  • Organic cooking oil.


  1. For this makhana cutlet recipe, Start by roasting the raw makhana on a pan with some ghee. The makhana is done roasting when they feel crunchy.
  2. Once finished, use your hands or a masher to crush these fox nuts into a fine powder. Keep aside
  3. In a mixing bowl -- add the mashed potatoes, green chili, fennel seeds, chaat masala, garam masala, red chili powder, and salt. 
  4. Mix them well. Add the crushed makhana to this. Kneed it to form a dough-like consistency. 
  5. Taste this mixture to check for salt and spice. 
  6. Wet the palms of your hands with some water, and then make this mixture into cutlets for your makhana cutlet recipe.
  7. On a pan, heat some oil and shallow fry these cutlets until they turn golden brown on both sides.

Additional Notes: 

  • Serve this makhana cutlet recipe with green chutney. 
  • You can also add a small portion of crushed roasted peanuts to enhance the taste and protein content if you wish. 
  • Add chopped onion to the mash if you enjoy the flavors.
  • If you buy roasted makhana, you can skip the first step of frying them in ghee. 
  • This evening snack is best when served hot. If you wish to store it, keep the dough in the fridge and cook the cutlets as you get hungry 


Final Thoughts 

We all love these traditional Indian snacks, and by adding Makhan and peanuts to this simple Makhana Allu Tikki recipe, you can extract more nourishment from the food. This dish is a fabulous option for any occasion. Be it a healthy snack or a gathering at home. 
For this dish in specific -- we recommend you grab a packet of salt and black pepper makhana from Nutty Fox or buy the fresh raw makhana.

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