4 Indian Midnight Snacks to Help You With Weight Loss.

Snacking at night is not wrong. Let’s get that misconception out of the way. However, having a late meal or a heavy meal very late into the night is a horrible health choice.

When your body craves food at night, it just means you have reached a nutrition deficit, and your body needs some to keep going. If you were to deprive your body of this food at night, it could lead to more problems like disturbed sleep, ulcers, or acidity. 

The right way to deal with this problem is by being a smart snacker; we are here to tell you how.

How To Snack Smart At Night? 

Since we've established that there is nothing wrong with having a snack craving, there are a few rules to keep in mind if you are hit by one. Ensure you keep the following points in mind when pickling our next midnight healthy snack. 

Low Cal, High Nutrition

Do not reach for the first thing you find in your fridge! Ensure the food you pick is low in calories and high in nutrition. A midnight snack aims to curb hunger and not eat a whole meal. Keep your snack below 200 calories. Additionally, pick non-fried and low-spice foods -- roasted snacks are a perfect choice.   

Easy To Process 

Here we are referring to the comfort of your body to process these foods. When you snack at odd times, the body takes time to digest this. If you were to fill yourself too much with had-to digest food, it could affect your sleep, which will deflect your weight-loss routine. 

Easy To Prepare 

Again, do not make elaborate dishes for a midnight snack. These must be fast and easy to consume. This comfort will shorten the craving period and help you get back to work or sleep faster. For example, you can buy makhana online and store it, then cook at 1 AM. 

Free From Sugar and Caffeine 

Sugar and caffeine affect you in two ways. One, they ruin your sleep quality since they are harder to process. Secondly, they cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This higher sugar level before bed can harm your body in the long run; disrupt rejuvenation from sleep.

4 Simple Midnight Snacks 

Do not worry; few snacks fit precisely in the categories we just described. Here are your top four picks: 

1. Roasted Makhana

Consuming makhana for weight loss is a widespread practice. This food also called fox nuts or lotus seeds contains nutrition like fiber, protein, and healthy carbs. They are also rich in essential elements like potassium, zinc, vitamins, and minerals.

Their rich fiber content helps to keep your body food in a low dosage. Makhana or Fox Nuts are also gluten-free snacks known to help control blood pressure and heart diseases. When you buy roasted makhana online, they come in many flavors that provide a perfect balance of taste and nourishment.     

2. Oats 

While this may be known around the world as a breakfast option, this can also be a perfect choice for a smart snacker and weight-watcher. A warm bowl of oatmeal in any form can actually stimulate sleep while keeping you full. 

When made with warm milk and no sugar, they provide robust nutrition. Just like roasted makhana, even these are high in fiber and free from gluten. The only reason oats remain unpopular is for their bland taste. You can always make this better by adding some dried fruits or nut-butter. 

3. Hummus 

There is no such thing as “bad-time-for-hummus.” This chickpea-based dish is ideal for curbing your hunger and helping you on your weight-loss journey. When made from natural ingredients (not store-bought), they can actually stimulate better sleep. 

The presence of chickpea, sesame sauce, and olive oil all make this dish a healthy food. You can eat these with some raw vegetables or gluten-free crackers. However, keep a check on how much you eat; it’s easy to go ga-ga with hummus.  

4. Nuts 

Dry fruits and nuts are an unsaid choice when it comes to odd-time snacking. As is the case with makhana -- all nuts are a powerhouse of nutrition. Unlike chips and other fried snacks, these help you reach 200 calories in just a handful. 

Most nuts also contain protein and other vital nutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

To Summarise

As we said before, it’s not about eating at odd hours, but what you eat makes a difference. Some of our lifestyles might not allow us to manage a strict no-food-at-night-policy. And for these few night owls, these snacks will be a drastic relief.  

It’s a good idea to store away a few packs of these snacks, so you do not lean towards unhealthy options when the time comes. You can buy your packet of premium Makhana right here. Nutty Fox has a collection of flavorful snacks to choose from.

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