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What is Makhana?

Makhana also known as Foxnuts or Gorgon Nuts are white edible seeds. These are popped water lily seeds (not lotus seeds), cultivated primarily in the states of Bihar and some parts of West Bengal in India. Makhana seeds are consumed for its superfood properties including high protein, calcium and potassium content.

Why should I eat Makhana and not Popcorn?

Firstly, it’s cultivated only in India, so it’s a proud Indian plant superfood with umpteen health benefits. There’s no secondly.

So, how do I know Makhana is healthy?

Traditionally, humans consumed this humble seed during fasting because...it’s got tons of benefits. Full of proteins (pumps up your energy levels), calcium (keeps your bones in shape) and earthy minerals. Keeps your blood sugar levels in check so great for diabetics. Excellent snack for those with high blood pressure. Helps in your weight-loss plan (we are not kidding). Super low in calories. Helps in better digestion. Someone stop us! AND, keeps your skin glowing as it has anti-aging properties.


What is NuttyFox Gourmet Makhana?

NuttyFox is healthy snack brand incorporated in June 2019 under the umbrella company of Vaaya Foods. The brand started retailing in India at Marzipan Café in Bangalore. A large urban metropolitan city in the state of Karnataka, India. The first product of NuttyFox is Gourmet Makhana which is roasted and flavoured to perfection.

Why should I buy NuttyFox Gourmet Makhana?

Excellent question! Because...honestly, we don’t put anything that’s harmful to any of you. Whether you’re a mom who wants to give your kid something healthy and yummy, or you’re are working professional who loves to take munch-breaks or you are mid-night snacker. It’s an absolutely clean snack with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Why do you think we call it #smartsnacking?

Why can’t I stop binge-munching on NuttyFox Gourmet Makhana? Do you guys put something addictive?

No MSG. No Additives. No Nothing. All we do is source the finest raw materials (super-sized makhana pops) and ingredients (premium natural flavours). The recipe is surely our secret. All you need to do is BINGE ON...!

What makes NuttyFox the go-to healthy snack brand?

Our quality of everything including packaging makes sure that when you open a NuttyFox pack, it’s crispy, tastes fresh and you’d want more of it. Simple.

Let us know if you are a curious cat, we’d be happy to answer all your questions. Send them over to: feedback@nuttyfox.in

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