5 Best Gluten-Free Indian Snacks and the Benefits

The two main reasons many switch to gluten-free snacks are to prevent digestive disorders or fight allergic reactions. Food free from gluten is proven to stimulate mood and comes packed with various other benefits.

Here are some simple options of Indian snacks to consider on your next trip to the supermarket. The ideal gluten-free snacks for your indulgence.

1. Roasted Makhana

When we talk about gluten-free snacks, this is the best option for you. Roasted makhana or fox nuts are harvested from still waters and remain packed with vital nutrients and minerals. They are a significant source of protein and fiber. This quality permits you to binge eat them without having to worry. 

These roasted snacks also help you gain better bone structure since they are rich in calcium. Makhana contains a natural substance called kaempferol. This chemical in your body helps to slow down aging giving you better skin and a feeling of detoxification. 
If you are someone who is watching their weight -- makhana for weight loss is another wonderful option. They also have a low glycemic index which helps keep a check on your blood sugar levels. The low sodium in this healthy snack and the high levels of potassium are just some other perks.

2. Rice Crackers 

Rice crackers are one such munching that does not get the due credit they deserve. These evening snacks are healthy, light, rich in fiber, and healthy carbs. They make for a perfect company to a warm glass of chai; free from the sugars of biscuits. 
A plain rice cracker is ideal for weight watchers since it gives an assurance of no added artificial substances. They are low on calories and high on nutrition. Some research has also proven that a rice cracker has a substance that helps to stimulate a better mood; which is true for a lot of gluten-free snacks.

3. Popcorn 

Yes! Your movie-time snack in a limited quantity is very healthy and free from gluten. They are air-popped and derived from corn kernels. This combination gives them a low-calorie, low-fat characteristic.  

Apart from this, This healthy snack comes loaded with the nutrition of corn. Popcorn is also rich in fibers which help provide the body with a feeling of fullness like in the case of roasted makhana

Additionally, they are an excellent source of polyphenols. This chemical is an antioxidant that helps in better blood circulation and enhanced digestive health.

4. Low-Fat Yoghurt 

If you are looking to avoid gluten and dairy products can become a substantial alternative. Especially low-fat yogurt, these are packed with protein, vitamins, and calcium. They also contain probiotics that help to improve the fitness of the gut-microbiota. This helps to stimulate digestion and keeps your immunity in check. 
This anti-hangover snack also provides you with a rich amount of calcium and vitamins that protect your bones and teeth. A small serving of yogurt can go a long way in curbing hunger and providing a boost of energy.

5. Veggies and Dip 

No packed food can be a replacement for good old veggies. To make this interesting you can eat them with a dip of your choice. Hummus is one such dip that is most commonly consumed with veggies. These are packed with natural antioxidants and the purest form of gluten-free snacks

Find any veggies that you enjoy and chop them into slices when you wish to munch. Vegetables like carrots, cucumber, radish, etc are wonderful options.

Final Thoughts 


Keep in mind that gluten-free foods were first created as a segment for those with allergies to the substance. However, research has shown that low levels of gluten are better for the heart, blood circulation, and mood stimulation. 

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