Makhana for Kids - Why Fox Nuts Are A Great Snack For Children

Every parent has figured out how to make meals interesting. Getting your child to the eat right is not very hard. However, the biggest worry always remains snacking. Finding an evening snack for your kid that is balanced and tasty can be hard. 

This is where makhana for kids is a game-changer. Fox Nuts or makhana are natural seed that is loaded with vital minerals and nutrients. It's a popular snack in the north of India and fast becoming the go-to superfood for all health enthusiasts. 

Here is all you need to know about Makhana for children:

1. Substantial Protein Source 

If you are looking for a plant-based protein source then this evening snack is a perfect companion. A small bowl of makhana can give your child close to 13-15 grams of protein. This will help to satisfy a part of their daily protein intake. 

The protein will help the body grow better, improve strength, and provide fuel to the tissues in the body. Especially for kids who indulge in a lot of physical activity -- these roasted snacks provide much-needed nourishment. 

2. Bone Development 

Fox nuts are needed for a child, in the same way, milk is an important intake. Makhana nuts are also rich in calcium. This helps provide the straight to the bones and keep your child fitter. They also help them grow faster, and heather. 

Many parents opt for roasted makhana when their child throws a milk-fuss. Milk has a slightly unflattering taste and the milk sweeteners are loaded with harmful sugars. In such a situation, the use of Makhana can help balance the calcium deficit. 

This is also a popular choice for kids who have lactose intolerance, or allergies related to dairy products. 

3. Regulates Appetite 

When kids are hungry they often reach for irregular and unhealthy snacks. This practice can be put to a stop with the help of roasted makhana. These snacks are rich in fiber and that causes a better feeling of fullness. 

When you notice your child is feeling hungry, and you do not wish to disrupt their food cycles -- give them a handful of makhana. The other advantage is that they are low on the glycemic index which means they will never cause any blood-sugar spikes when eaten at odd timings. 

4. Improves Digestion  

The fiber content also helps to create better digestion. If your child has irregular bowel movements or faces constant troubles like diarrhoea and constipation then you must consider makhana for kids

A small dose of this helps to keep the tummy clean. If you buy roasted makhana online from Nutty Fox, you can also opt for some healthy flavours like peri-peri, chilly lemon and much more. 

5. Low On Sodium 

Most snacks that are available in the market can be packed with unusually high amounts of salts. That gives them an addictive and constantly munching nature. Unlike those snacks, roasted makhana for kids is fairly low on sodium. 

Makhana for kids is very high on potassium which is much needed for the growth of the brain. They also contain iron, and zinc that are needed to keep children sharp.  

6. Roasted Food 

A lot of these above-mentioned parameters also occur since they are roasted and not fried. This gives makhana a very significant advantage. These are available online both as raw makhana and roasted snacks. This allows you to choose one that is right for your child. 

Final Thoughts 

If your child needs a handy bag of this snack to carry to school or eat en route -- then you must try one of the many offerings from Nutty Fox. These are flavored with top-quality ingredients that ensure a healthy and taste experience for children of all ages!

If you are looking to try makhana for children head over to our page and find it all.

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