5 Healthy Snacks (Chakhna) For those Weekend Drinking Plans

5 Healthy Snacks (Chakhna) For those Weekend Drinking Plans

There are two kinds of people at any drinking plan—those who pair their drinks with food; others who drink without anything to eat. One of them is the wrong way to drink. Here is all you need to know. 

Why Snack When You Drink? 

There is a common misconception about the relationship between food and alcohol. Those who are watching weight or counting calories; often resort to not eating when drinking. This process does more harm to your body than good. 

Drinking on an empty stomach, or without food can lead to you getting drunk faster and also a cause for many digestive issues. 

Most simply put, when you drink alcohol, it is absorbed into your blood from the stomach and the small intestine. This blood later flows to the rest of your body and gives you the feeling of intoxication. 

If you eat food while drinking, and before drinking, then you are allowing your stomach a buffer layer to reduce the rate of alcohol absorption. This practice helps you hold your drink longer, reduce hangovers, and decrease your body’s damage from drinking. 

Eating and alcohol go hand-in-hand. This trick can also backfire if you consume fried or unhealthy foods. Since the alcohol complements the flavors of the food, you tend to eat more and derail your daily nutrition intake. 

5 Healthy Snacks (Chakna) For those Weekend Drinking Plans. 

To fix this, one can depend on some healthy anti-hangover snacks or chakhna. Here are a few recommendations: 

Roasted Makhana 

Roasted Makhana is one of those unique snacks that anyone can depend on when drinking. They are light, high on nutrition, and do an incredible job in containing your drinking levels.  

Fox Nuts are loaded with proteins, calcium, and healthy vitamins that do not just fill you up, but also give you the nutrition needed. They are low on fat, and high on energy; thus making you full on a small quality. 

The fiber content in these healthy foods makes them an excellent match for alcohol drinks since they line the stomach and reduce its absorption. If you buy them from a brand such as NuttyFox, you can also opt for flavors such as Chilly Lemon, Source Cream & Onion, and Peri Peri. 

Since they are natural superfoods, any amount of them will not make you feel stuffy or unhealthy. So, before it's time for your next night of alcohol -- buy roasted Makhana online today. 


If you visit any bar in Bengaluru, the city of pubs, you will notice a dish called Peanut Masala. This dish is famous for its light, neutral flavor and rich nutrition content. 

From a fancy bar to a local watering hole -- all of them will serve you peanuts. Although they are slightly higher in calories when compared to makhana nuts. These are, however, rich in iron, potassium, and protein. But keep in mind that you must consume them in moderation or they can upset your stomach.

Hummus and Light Pita

They are simple bar food that does not dirty your fingers and gives you wholesome and nutritious fullness. Hummus is flavorful and loaded with antioxidants from chickpeas. A few sticks of Pita bread is any day healthier than a pizza loaded with unhealthy gluten.

The beauty of these healthy snacks is that they are easy to make and simple to store. The Hummus is also a perfect dip with chopped carrots, chicken nuggets, or a bread of your choice.

Wheat-Based Crackers

These might seem like an unusual choice, but crackers make for an excellent side dish to your drinks. They are light and crunchy and blend well with any occasion. They also contain complex carbohydrates which help to soak the booze.

These evening snacks hold vitamins and potassium, which work as antioxidants to your blood. This snack is a simple choice that needs no cooking, just like roasted makhana online.

Sweet Corn 

Corn is uncomplicated to make and easy to serve. They are soft and contain a mellow flavor pallet. Since they are plant-based and rich in fiber, corn works as an excellent company for your drinks.

With a mix of subtle spices like paprika, salt, butter and lime -- one can enhance the flavors of the simple sweetcorn. However, ensure you buy your corn from the right source to provide the best nutrition content.

Final Thoughts

We are not advocating a drinking habit, but if you do so, you must keep in mind that a healthy snack is a crucial point. Have a great time, without losing out on your health and fitness. Ensure you get a lot of water across the night to counter the effects of dehydration.  

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